Ericsson Cadence

Helping Ericsson see into the future with a long-term creative strategy that lives on beyond events.

Introducing Live Marketing

To a company like Ericsson, global events and live marketing represent a hugely important part of the brand. Staying on top of that part of their real estate in a forward-thinking way is what sets them apart. We were drafted in not only to help steer a refresh, but to help connect it to the marketing strategy at large. Keeping that coveted position of market leader means taking a holistic, 360 approach. So that’s just what we did – starting with a strategy that could be used for the next five years as well as creating a toolkit of brand assets, ideal for both local and global teams.

Better together

In-depth understanding, research and listening to Ericsson about their global marketing efforts gave us a solid understanding of the brand's business challenges, objectives and target audience. Together with our own strategic insight and market research, we were able to best advise on the content refresh and overarching strategy. Taking a partnership approach where voices from across the business are heard equally wasn’t just about inclusion, it was the best way to connect everything together and create an even bigger impact. And by building in scope for the strategy and toolkits to be used at events too, we aligned everything with their new brand positioning; Imagine Possible.