Why wait? Innovate

Amongst the many bombshells brought by the pandemic of 2020, the fundamental problem travel restrictions caused for the live events landscape changed everything for us and our clients.

A fully customisable, branded virtual event platform was the answer – albeit one that we’d been working on long before lockdown. LiveFi is our way of keeping our clients one step ahead in a world where catering to virtual attendance is just as crucial as the in-person side of things.

Future-proofing made easy

Coupling our considerable live events experience with a nimble in-house development team allowed for us to deliver streamlined live events to global audiences with well-informed flexibility.

The law firm Allen & Overy were the first to benefit. Two high-profile events of theirs not only avoided cancellation, but actually grew in reach by broadcasting to those otherwise unable to travel. Soon after, we launched our white label version; giving clients even more control.

Fast forward to today and the platform is as relevant as it’s ever been – used by the likes of Worldwide Partners, FreeWheel, Contagious, The Independent and more.